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MDA Facials

Microdermabrasion or MDA is a painless, non-surgical way to rejuvenate the face and neck. there will be a very palpable glow and results in a total rejuvenated look for the client MDA Procedure The procedure involves the use of crystals Crystals are sprayed on the skin and the dead skin is removed. The procedure is painless and the client will be prescribed basic skin care solutions which will be offered as a holistic solution. The process is not just removes the dead cells on the surface but also increases the blood flow, and promotes the synthesis of collagen, which helps in removing pigmentation, and smoothness the skin.

Krasa MDA Facial
Oxy Facial

Oxy Facial Process is a natural and biological process for cleansing the face, while rejuvenating and de stressing the skin, removing incidences of acne and wrinkles.

What is Oxy Facial?
Oxy Facial is the application of intensive cleaning using jets to naturally exfoliate the facial skin and to unseat deep acne and reduce open pores

Krasa Oxy Facial
Photo Facial

Photofacials suggested to the people with sun-damaged skin demonstrated by age spots, and light freckling, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores broken capillaries and loose skin. An added benefit is that the facial stimulates new collagen, resulting in smoother, healthier skin.

After one facial, clients should expect to see and feel smoother skin. Age spots initially become darker and then move to the skin's surface where they fall away as part of the skin's natural exfoliation process. Skin and pores feel and look tighter, while fine lines and wrinkles slowly decrease in size.

Krasa Photo Facial
Rejuvenating Facial

Facial rejuvenation is one of an all round approach that not only makes your face glow, but also lead to overall wellness. A wide range of problems can be solved if you choose this treatment for your face like wrinkles, discoloration, blemishes and it helps the face to glow and also reduces the damage in the facial skin and Stimulation of collagen is important because it helps to tighten the skin. This treatment also reduces several lines which appear on the skin and reduces the wrinkles which make you look younger than before. Skin becomes smoother without any surgical procedure is applied on the skin.

Krasa Rejuvenating Facial
Antiageing Facial

Our skin is a vital organ which will stay in good condition when we completely take care of it. As we age, the skin gets thinner and loses the collagen. Collagen is a natural substance that helps to keep the cells together. This collagen depletes as we age which is why the signs of aging are also seen. To combat this loss and to keep the skin elasticity in best possible state there are anti aging skin treatments like anti aging facials. Facial is an effective way to slow down the skin aging and to keep the skin youthful for a longer time.

Red Carpet Facial

The Red Carpet Flash Facial is an immediate skin-tightening treatment that begins with microdensitometer and is followed by a specialized Flash treatment. A combination of the Oxygen/Vitanome skin therapy is then followed by applications of Vitamins C, collagen mask .The Red Carpet Flash Facial achieves younger and a glowing skin.

Body Polishing

Body polish is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth, & soft. It is a treatment of the entire body, which is like a facial and unlike a massage. The step by step packs will be applied over your body by making is soft and sober. It has many steps, which must be fulfilled with advanced technique.

Charcoal Facial

Introducing the gritty black ingredient that will purify your skin.
It is true: we are suggesting you use black charcoal on your precious skin. But we’re giving you this advice for good reason, as more and more people are finding themselves thrilled with the results of adding activated charcoal to their beauty routine. This is how it works: because toxins stick to the activated charcoal, it makes a good deep cleanser and detoxifier. It is all-natural and won’t add new chemicals to your skin when you use it. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Charcoal is not metabolized, adsorbed or absorbed by the body.

  Smaller pores.

  Balances oily skin.

  Treat acne.

  Deep cleanse your skin.

  Remove skin impurities with Activate Charcoal.

Salt Glow Therapy

Exfolites and removes dead skin cells and tan. Leaving you with soft hydrated and smooth skin.

  Detoxification .


  Deep Cleansing.

  Healing and Pain Relief.